I was recently asked how to turn off a CPU core in a dual-core computer. Depending on your need, there are actually 3 ways to accomplish it.

The first method disables cores for the whole system. The second turns them off for a specific program. Finally, you may just want to shut off those fake Hyperthreading cores. See the details.

If you have owned a GT200 series card, then you might know they all share the same Nvidia drivers. This allows you to switch between, say, a GTS 250 and GTX 260, which works with no fuss at all. You just swap cards and reboot. However, stepping up from a 200 series card to a GTX 470 will result in Windows not even recognizing the new hardware. See the solution.

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When your country’s website looks like a 1995 GeoCities homepage, you probably wouldn’t expect to find quality software developers. Thankfully, the developers at 4A Games didnt have anything to do with ukraine.org. Neither did Cryostasis developer Action Forms Limited, who also develops out of Kiev, Ukraine. Before I actually got to play Metro 2033, I had some expectations based on gameplay videos and screenshots. It bears more than a striking resemblance to Cryostasis, and I first thought it might have been from the same studio. Not quite, but close! (more…)

As if Apple didn’t already have enough ammunition against Windows Vista. It’s funny how the system can’t identify it, but knows that it is ready to use. Here’s a shot from My iPhone