Welcome to our latest article series: The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Casual Racing Gamers. This is not another Racing Wheel review but rather a casual racing fans perspective on the G27 and top racing titles released over the past 3 years. Logitech has made an excellent product, but no doubt one geared toward the hardcore racing sim fan. In fact, simply setting up and calibrating this wheel may seem a daunting task to even seasoned techies.

Don’t worry, this series will solidly state the basics of setting up and enjoying your wheel, with easy tips for getting your favorite games to work. Does this wheel provide enough value to the regular gamer to justify its entry fee, or should all the non-hardcore racing fans keep on steering with the arrow keys?

The G27 Solid Testing Series

Logitech G27 Solid Series Articles
1. Casual Gamer vs Sim Gamer 11. Test Drive Unlimited
2. Setting Up Your G27, Made Easy 12. Test Drive Unlimited 2
3. Need For Speed: Carbon 13. Burnout Paradise
4. Need For Speed: Pro Street 14. Race Driver: GRID
5. Need For Speed: Undercover 15. Race Driver: GRID 2
6. Need For Speed: Shift 16. Split Second
7. Need For Speed: Shift 2 17. GTR Evolution
8. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 18. DiRT 2
9. Need For Speed: The Run 19. DiRT 3
10. Need for Speed: Most Wanted 20. Blur

Casual Gamer vs Simulation Gamer

My interest in racing games officially started with the release of Gran Turismo on the Playstation. Buying, tuning, and racing real cars was an awesome experience. However, I was an equal opportunity gamer. I had to make time for every genre. During all that playing, I never understood the obsess… ahem, the passion… of the simulation genre. Don’t get me wrong, I tried. I put my hours into Train Simulator, Flight Simulator, rFactor, Mech Warrior, and even Jane’s AH-64D Longbow. It wouldn’t be my place to speak about the simulation community, but becoming a true purist was just not my cup of tea. That is where the casual part comes in.

I would much rather dodge traffic in my Z06 Corvette than negotiate a hairpin at Le Mans. I might tweak the burst of my nitrous, but I don’t even know what changing my camber angle does. This is where I separate myself from the hardcore racing fans. Nice place to vacation, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

So, how do I end up buying a full racing peripheral set like the Logitech G27? That’s easy: Driving with a keyboard sucks! Every time I would play a PC racing game, I would immediately get frustrated driving around with arrow keys. Each time, I would imagine what it would be like having a real steering wheel. Honestly, that keyboard and I had taken down 100,000 Nazi soldiers! Surely, I could get by without another controller… After all, it would probably end up like those jokes about unused home gym equipment. Boy, was I wrong. Never again will I have to resort to driving a Ferrari with a keyboard.